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2023: “Abians Reflect” – A presentation of Ebube Abia

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In clear and succinct message to the world, the Ohafia Clan have continued to prove their relentlessness and preparedness to pursue, to its conclusive end, the project of producing the next Governor that will occupy the Abia Lion House after Dr Okezie Ikpeazu in 2023.

Armed with large retinue of qualified stalwarts of staggering profiles, experienced in leadership and economic know-how, and banking on the principle of EQUITY that has stood Abia out as a politically stable state in Nigeria, the search for the best continues because Ohafia have promised to offer nothing less to Abia, but the very best.

The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Today, OHAFIA-TV News met with another son of Ohafia to know what he believes will be his special touch that will cause the desired change Abia state needs.

Bellow is a summary of his pragmatic approach to Abia challenges.

The Time
We have just about 20 months to prepare ourselves for the last lap of the race to Abia Lion house. So, every serious Abia politician is busy.

The Times and Change
The world as we know it has changed. There’s a new norm in most things in this life on earth, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, especially human behaviour. Any serious minded Abian who loves Abia and wants to safeguard her or his family must know that s/he must change voting behaviour too — we cannot vote in 2023 based on sentiments. People will, nay, must vote based on the quality and antecedents of those promising to fix Abia state. Not voting based on just promises made by a politician! Abia state needs fixing. Ohafia is telling Abians they will present someone who will fix Abia.

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Economy Heading towards Recession
Nigeria’s economy is heading towards a recession according to the Finance Minister, Zainab Ahmed. Let us take excerpts from the Minister’s recent (May 2020) press briefing.

Zainab Ahmed, says
“…the coronavirus pandemic and falling oil prices are set to force the economy into negative growth.”

“Net oil and gas revenue and influx to the federation account in the first quarter of 2020 amounted to N940.91billion.  This represented a shortfall of N125. 52billion or 31% of the prorated amount that is supposed to have been realized by the end of that first quarter.”

Already showing FGN revenue shortfall of 31% in Q1 2020, the economy is predicted to show a 2020 GDP contraction at worst -8.94%, at best -4.4% without fiscal stimulus, with a possibility of -0.59% with stimulus.

The economic contraction will multiply the misery of the poor…The crisis will only multiply this misery,


Yes, you read her well “multiply the misery of the poor”!
But, the FGN is working on an economic stability plan aimed at injecting stimulus in trillions of Naira targeted at ensuring “massive productivity” in agriculture, power, infrastructure, technology, and other areas. Abia state of Nigeria will experience this economic contraction and will be impacted positively by this stimulus package if we know how to take advantage.

The Man or Woman Abia state needs for the Times

Whatever today’s FGN and today’s Abia state government do between now and May 2023 will definitely affect Abia state government of May 2023 to 2027. It’s therefore no brainier positing that whoever leads Abia government from May 29, 2023 must know what is required to recoup losses, drastically reduce the poverty level in Abia state, and set Abia state on the path to verifiable socioeconomic progress and stability.

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I have, as you all know, humbly offered myself to carry the Ohafia can-do-spirit to Abia Lion house to SERVE all Abians.
Like I said, I operate the David – Joseph – Daniel (Biblical characters) spirit. These characters appeared in their nations at trying times.

I have setup within my political structure – Ebube Abia a research team to research on a post- Covid-19 Abia economy and society which must answer the question “how do we make Abia great again?” based on my 3 – point agenda of

  • Creating a Digital economy and Digital society
  • Security
  • Massive job creation.

If you look intently and closely at my agenda, you will discover that my agenda brings novel innovative ways (but proven in other jurisdictions with comparable structures as Abia state) to deal with poverty, to create jobs massively dealing with unemployment, and to provide 21st century education for all Abians. This agenda will in due time, be expounded into a veritable Manifesto.

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If we have 20 months to seriously prepare, I urge us individually and collectively to take informed steps to scrutinize, vet/check out those Ohafia Udumeze will choose from among their best to present to Abians across the political parties.

Times are different, the political dispensation of 2023 will be a redefining moment in the political emancipation of Abia as a State and Nigeria as a Nation, this makes it imperative that we need only the best for Abia State.

As I consult party-wide and Abia-wide preparatory to party primaries, I call on Abians to stand strong behind my aspiration so we can, together, restore the glory of Abia State.

Abia must be great and glorious again!

Ukpai Iro Ukpai, PhD, CQRM, LLM, B.Eng,
Governorship Aspirant
and APC Chieftain

Kindly drop your opinion on the comment box below.

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2023: “Abians Reflect” – A presentation of Ebube Abia, OHAFIA-TV

2023: “Abians Reflect” – A presentation of Ebube Abia, OHAFIA-TV

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