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A closer look at the Buhari ‘s Cambridge Certifying Statement presented by Abba Kyari , Chief Of Staff to Gen. Buhari.

The momentum is gradually gathering, the temperature is rising at all camps, the Adrenalin is pumping at the fastest rate ever, the tongues are wagging because of the sterling closing submissions of the Atiku/PDP team lawyers on one hand, and the ridiculous closing submission of the Buhari/APC and biased and compromised INEC lawyers.

Nigerians are anxiously awaiting the decisions of our court in the national interest and soul of our nation that must be rescued.

First and foremost, the document presented by Abba Kyari, the COS to Gen. Buhari was not a Certificate but a “Certifying Statement from the Cambridge Education Assesment Institute, UK.

Secondly, the document in question was not filed by the Buhari’s team
Of lawyer in March 2019 during front loading of documents to the court, perhaps this may have been deliberately done to mislead and deceive both the court and Atiku’s lawyers because they knew it would have been thoroughly investigated well ahead of time of hearing and truth would have been revealed immediately at the substantive hearing.

The document was however presented to the court at the closing of their defense by Abba Kyari, one of the star witnesses of Gen. Buhari, which was obtained just on the 18th of July 2019.

Now ,the crux of the matter.

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Investigation revealed, according to University of Cambridge official website, procedures for obtaining such document. (Certifying Statement).

Three distinct steps are required before the certifying Statement can be issued, they are as follows:

  1. A third party application or request must be made officially to the Cambridge Education Assessment Institute which is expected to be a reputable organization.
  2. A copy of the certificate in question must be attached to the application.
  3. The application must be AUTHORISED by the candidate. In this case Gen. Buhari.

The institution also provided how such document is released or transmitted to the applicant, which is usually not given to any person or individual but send either through post or e mail to the applicant organization.

Now let’s get down to reasoning:

Let us assume that Abba Kyari applied to the institute as a third party , although he is an individual not an organisation as required by the Cambridge institute, but for the sake of this argument.

Gen Buhari told the whole world that his certificate was with the military board and the Military board vehemently denied the custody of his certificate.
Secondly, his mate in the Army and star witness Gen. Paul T (Rtd) told tribunal that their certificate was not collected by the military. This therefore means that Buhari’s certificate in quote is not with him or rather “is at large”

Then the question is, which certificate did Abba Kyari attaches or presented to the institute as part of Cambridge University procedure to obtaining the certifying Statement presented to the tribunal?

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Furthermore, how did Gen. Buhari authorised an incomplete application when there was no copy of his certificate attached?

Can we say that Cambridge education assesment institute was br….ed or compro….ed by the widely believed corrupt government of Gen. Buhari ?

Furthermore, Abba Kyari told the court he personally signed and collected the certifying Statement from Cambridge which negates the procedure for collection, again how did he get it?

I make bold to say that both the Cambridge institute and Abba Kyari have a duty to explain to Nigerians and the world what actually happened.

In addition to this, all over the world , a document of such magnitude is mandatorily signed by two signatories with their names and designation.

For those us you who have seen or sighted the document, pls take another look at it, the document was only signed by a Vice Chancellor without a name of the signatory.

According to the institute, such documents are co signed by two authorities with their names and position afixed.
They are the Vice Chancellor and Chairman, Governing Council of the University of Cambridge which unfortunately is not to be in Gen. Buhari’s purported Cambridge certifying Statement presented to the tribunal.

In a very sane society, as we speak every dramatis personae involved in that SCAM should have been arrested and undergoing prosecution.

In conclusion, this is very sad for our country, we have been made a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

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A country with countless numbers of Primary School leaving certificates, Secondary school certificates, Diploma certificates, Bachelors degree certificates, Masters degree Certificates, Doctorate Degree certificates and professorship certificates holders, is being led by a man with none of this, it is not only barbaric but also a collective insult.

Our constitution is very mild enough to accommodate just secondary school certificate to qualify for the office of the President, yet our nation is being deceived by some characters who bent on holding tenaciously to power at the risk of our life.

Our country may have produced Presidents who are not as seen or perceived to be educationally high enough in the past, but we have never had a President who is not truthful to his people on certificates. What you don’t have you don’t have.

It is obvious Gen Buhari does not have the requisite qualifying certificates for the office of the President of Nigeria.

All eyes are therefore on the Nigerian Judiciary. May God help them with the courage necessary to serve justice in the interest of our nation, not in the interest of one man.

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